Leather Loop website

Leather Loop, is a new UK online e-commerce shop selling leather belts and jewellery for men and women which I designed, built and launched in June 2011.

I was approached by Leather Loop to create a new online e-commerce store targeting male and female customers between the ages of 18-35. The brief also required me to design their logo, set-up email accounts, as well as design and setup their Twitter and Facebook accounts. The logo created for the new business was designed to reflect the nature of the products and appeal to the younger generation. The two o’s in the name ‘loop’ we’re connected together to signify a double loop. The website template includes leather textures in the background to correspond with the leather products.

Leather Loop

There are many interesting features on the Leather Loop site which include:

  • Dynamic scrolling panels on homepage to showcase the product categories in the shop visually.
  • PayPal Express checkout for customer convenience, allowing you to simply click and buy avoiding the basket if users so wish.
  • Zoom-able product images to capture the details without needing to open a pop-up window.
  • Google Base feeds, to display products to Google ‘Shopping’ searches and increase sales.
  • User-friendly management of the shop, enabling the client to update the site quickly and effectively.
  • Product comparison tool enabling customers to decide the product suitable for them.
  • Newsletter sign-up section to keep customers returning to the shop and know when new products or sales appear.
  • Facebook and Twitter pages, designed and built specifically for Leather Loop to match the website logo.

You’ll find that the quality and price of these leather goods at Leather Loop beats the high street shops.

If you require an e-commerce website, please feel free to contact me.

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