PBS Europe – Marine & Aviation Finance website

I’ve just completed designing and building a brand new business website and branding for PBS Europe – providing marine and aviation finance from Jersey.

The logo was my first task. The brief mentioned incorporating imagery of planes and boats, as well as emphasising the European side of the business. Several logos were produced to match these requirements, one of which concentrated on purely using the European stars. The client was impressed with the simplicity of the stars behind the business name and chose this version.

PBS Europe
Business cards were then requested. These needed to emulate the luxury of the planes and yachts which the company’s clientèle were looking to buy. I advised the client that a matt finish to the business card with a good weight would look better than going for an extreme design with a glossy card. A grey background with black logo and text was decided upon – less is more. The results again impressed my client and the quality of the business card really shone.

It was then on to the design of the website. After assessing the competition, recognising the target audience and understanding my client’s requirements, I created several designs to for them to choose from. Imagery was key to the final design in my opinion. Choosing suitable, quality photographs for the home page, which conveyed the businesses knowledge and expertise in Aviation and Marine finance was important in getting the message across from the start. Dynamic images of a luxury speedboat and a private jet plane really set the tone for the page. Being a showcase for the business, the site needed few pages of content. Instead, the emphasis was on encouraging contact. The final result provided PBS Europe with a website they were proud to show off to their clients.

Design was not the only part I played in the website. With only three pages, it was essential that Search Engine Optimisation was not an afterthought. Assessing the helped me to target titles, headings and text for the aviation and marine finance sector. The site includes Google Analytics to help track the success and monitor activity for future tweaks to SEO.

Like what you see? Need quality branding and successful SEO web design? Contact me today and I’ll be happy to help you build a successful website just like this one.

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