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Launched on 25th August 2010, LKM Consulting was designed and developed by myself for Loic Menzies – an Education and Youth Development Consultant based in Cambridge and London.

Website key features:

  • Content managable site – allows Loic to update pretty much every piece of content on the site.
  • Users can interact by either voting on topical polls or add their comments to Loic’s blog articles.
  • Newsletter system allows Loic to keep interested visitors up-to-date with what he’s been doing recently.
  • Media Content jquery slideshow is visible on every page for easy access to useful info shared by Loic.
  • Testimonial quotes flash up on the header of every page, so visitors can see Loic’s achievements.
  • Twitter feed and social networking links help keep Loic connected with his audience.They’re located at the bottom of every page, so they don’t take over the content of the site. The Twitter and Facebook page themes were designed by myself and tie-in with the main site theme.
  • Search function allows visitors to find the information they want fast.

LKM co

Loic can now interact with clients via his site and share his opinions on the latest topical news via his blog with them. His productivity is now being catalogued by the website, so that interested parties will know exactly what to expect from him and his work.

Searches for ‘LKM Consulting’ and ‘Loic Menzies’ on Google were quite low before the re-brand and site re-development. Now the site has taken off, Loic should be expecting plenty more traffic in the coming months – especially since Loic’s favoured search terms on Google currently show his site at the top of the results!

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Lawrence to anyone looking for a new website.”

If you’re looking for a website similar to this one, or feel you need some of these elements added to your site, please feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to help.

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