The Modern Language School website

In June 2011, I designed and built a new website for The Modern Language School, advertising their new business of teaching French, Italian and Spanish languages.

My clients wanted a modern design to their website to give them the edge over their competitors, as well as highlight course details and provide useful information direct from the homepage. I provided them with a clean design, focusing on simple navigation, as well as engaging page banners and interactive Google maps for directions.

modern language school

The site includes the following features:

  • Profiles for every teacher, highlighting their background, informing customers of their experience.
  • Interactive Google map to show course locations quickly and easily.
  • Testimonials from customers of each teacher.
  • Contact page with links to Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as phone numbers and a contact form for instant feedback.
  • Set-up Google Apps to work with their domain which allows them to use email addresses via Google’s service.

The Modern Language School were so pleased with their website, they wrote a few words of thanks to me:

“The process was easy and Lawrence guided us through every stage in a very clear and helpful way. He responded instantly to our queries and suggestions and assessed our ‘style’ so perceptively that our template choice was very easy.” You can read the full testimonial here.

Visit the Modern Language School website here and see it for yourself, especially if you’re interested learning a new language in the Huddersfield and Batley area.

Should you require a new website or Google Apps with your domain set-up, please feel free to contact me.

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