Google’s HTML 5 example with Arcade Fire music video

Google have launched a breathtaking example of the capabilities of HTML 5, using Arcade Fire’s “We Used To Wait” song and music-video director Chris Milk’s film. Google has been working on the project for the last few months to demonstrate modern web technologies.

“The Wilderness Downtown” website currently only works with Google’s “Chrome” browser and on loading the site you are asked to enter your postcode from where you grew up. After entering this information the site goes blank and the Arcade Fire song begins. A video in a pop-up window appears showing a boy running down a street. Then after a minute, you realise why the site asked you for your address – a series of pop-up windows show moving images from Google Maps of the area you used to live in. The imagery works in harmony with the music, with new pop-ups and Google Maps scenery flashing up in time with the scructure of the song. Continue reading “Google’s HTML 5 example with Arcade Fire music video”