What will Brexit mean for your website?

It’s been a crazy few weeks in the world of politics and after the EU referendum result to leave the EU. So much information on how business relationships will continue to work with the EU still needs to be decided, and by the sounds of things it will take many years to sort out. With this result at the forefront of so many of our UK business client’s minds, we thought it would be appropriate to consider the impact Brexit could have on your business website.

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When your website goes offline, what can you do?

This week has seen many business customers of the 123-reg website hosting platform lose their entire website for several days due to a clean-up process going wrong. Even yesterday The Register reported that some 123-reg customers were still offline. So what can you do to resolve these issues. Through this brief article we’ll suggest ways to help avoid website disasters.

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Hosting a website – find the right host and avoid the pitfalls

Hosting. It’s not that important, is it? Well, yes it’s very important. Not only is your critical website data being stored on there, your livelihood and business these days is based on the success of your website. Now you wouldn’t rent offices that were cheap and did the job would you? Especially not, if you realised that you couldn’t always get into them at certain times of the day or the façade looked great but the foundations were ready to collapse? Well, that’s what some people do with hosting and I’m going to tell you my best tips on what you should look out for when buying hosting.
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