25th Anniversary of the Internet

This week unofficially marks the 25th anniversary of the Internet. Officially the 6th August 2016 was when the first website was made public but the date of 23rd August has stuck in the minds of ‘internauts’ across the globe and has been disputed for many year. Anyway, we can safely say that August 1991 was the month the internet was made public! We’ll have a look at what’s changed on the internet over the years, looking at some of the biggest websites have evolved and how the internet as a whole has changed our lives forever.

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Are we going Gaga about Google?

“The web is what you make of it” – this is according to the statement at the end of Google’s new ‘Chrome’ internet browser advert, featuring Lady Gaga. But really, is the web what ‘we’ make of it, or how one web giant makes it for us?

With Google’s prominence in the world of online search, it was a natural progression for them to join the internet browser market. Google search was directly available in earlier IE and Safari browsers and they must have felt they were vulnerable to ‘default search engine’ browser changes brought around by Microsoft’s ‘Bing’ search.

Chrome was a new lease of internet life for many users in 2008. You could simply search Google directly from the address bar, without an independent form, which also meant users could find websites they may have mis-typed – great for business! With the growing popularity of Gmail, you could also see email counts from your browser window and visit your inbox in one-click. Continue reading “Are we going Gaga about Google?”