Leather Loop website

Leather Loop, is a new UK online e-commerce shop selling leather belts and jewellery for men and women which I designed, built and launched in June 2011.

I was approached by Leather Loop to create a new online e-commerce store targeting male and female customers between the ages of 18-35. The brief also required me to design their logo, set-up email accounts, as well as design and setup their Twitter and Facebook accounts. The logo created for the new business was designed to reflect the nature of the products and appeal to the younger generation. The two o’s in the name ‘loop’ we’re connected together to signify a double loop. The website template includes leather textures in the background to correspond with the leather products. Continue reading “Leather Loop website”

The Modern Language School website

In June 2011, I designed and built a new website for The Modern Language School, advertising their new business of teaching French, Italian and Spanish languages.

My clients wanted a modern design to their website to give them the edge over their competitors, as well as highlight course details and provide useful information direct from the homepage. I provided them with a clean design, focusing on simple navigation, as well as engaging page banners and interactive Google maps for directions. Continue reading “The Modern Language School website”

The Art of Knitting

Recently, I have built an updated website for publisher Hachette, based on their original series of magazines called The Art of Knitting.

Launched at the beginning of February 2011, the new website showcases the magazine and it’s benefits, as well as promoting online subscription through the sidebar visible on every page. Continue reading “The Art of Knitting”